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Yorkie Talkies Outdoors - Striving to bring affordable adventures to our lovely customers

Updated: Jul 11, 2023

Appreciating the joys of the great outdoors should be available to all, so the team at Yorkie Talkies Outdoors are determined to provide events that are as affordable as we can make them.

We do charge for walks, we need to, to keep the business open and moving forward with safe, fully-insured, well organised and fun hikes led by dedicated, experienced leaders who are constantly refreshing and expanding their skills.

HOWEVER, we are committed to keeping the prices as low as we can, and in the new year, we'll be providing some shorter walks, in local areas, for a lower price. Our mountain treks, challenge days and standard day walks will, of course, continue.

Our members' additional costs such as car parking, petrol prices and kit are constantly being evaluated too. That's why we recce for free or cheap parking, have created the car share WhatsApp group, seek out beautiful routes local to residential hubs, offer to lend out kit and keep our mandatory kit list to the safe/comfortable minimum and never expect 'top brand' waterproofs or head torches.

Treats such as ice cream vans, cafes with cake, pubs and pie shops are planned for the end of the walk, rather than the middle, so not everyone feels like they need to partake (though if we're passing a village you know and you want to grab a sandwich for lunch, let us know!)

We're factoring food costs into our weekends away too, we'll pick self catering accommodation, have one pizza or pasta night included in the cost and book group meals in pubs with a great value menu.

Please also be aware of the 10th walk free deal we offer throughout the year. the occasional Bring A Friend scheme and free walk/merch competitions. The best ways to keep up to date with offers are signing up to the Facebook Yorkie Talkies Walking Group page, signing up to the group WhatsApp (only Emma posts so it's not constantly pinging) or use the app.

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