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Why book (and pay for) a guided walk with Yorkie Talkies Outdoors

Updated: Jan 8

The team at Yorkie Talkies Outdoors love what we do. It's a privilege to lead our lovely community on guided walks, mountain hikes and outdoor skills courses.

In a world that is highly connected, thanks to the internet and social media, sources of inspiration for your next adventure in the beautiful UK countryside are everywhere.

There are lots of walking groups out there who offer great walks for free, or £1. And of course, if you're confident, it's wonderful to be able to set out independently.

So, why book and pay for a guided walk with Yorkie Talkies Outdoors? It's a question that we are asked by prospective new members a lot. So we thought we'd answer it here!

Each team member has a high level of training

The six strong Yorkie Talkies Outdoors team have all had Mountain Leader training with highly experienced, Mountain Training Association accredited providers. It's a intense six-day course on micro-navigation, group management, safe water crossings, rope skills for potential rescues, understanding the weather and emergency procedures. Emma, Megan and Kerry hold Enhanced DBS certificates and have completed other courses such a Navigation teacher award etc.

We have also each taken a two-day course in Outdoor First Aid with an accredited course provider. This is a minimum requirement which needs renewing every two years. However, first aid skills training and refreshing is always ongoing as our members' safety is the ultimate priority.

We never stop learning

The Yorkie Talkies Outdoors team are all determined to continually develop our mountain leading skills so we can deliver the best experience possible. When you see fantastic photos of us roaming around the mountains and moors without a YTO group, yes we're having an amazing time with family, friends and other team members, but we're also honing techniques such as route finding, timing, walking on bearings, weather prediction and learning how quickly the ground underfoot can change.

Cake and Pie Shops

We know where they are, and we know how to get you to them! That much-needed ice cream van, public loo (yes!), end of walk pub and fish and chip shop?! That's not by accident!

A sense of community

We think of Yorkie Talkies as a family. Walk with us and you'll be welcomed, encouraged, accepted for who you are and, most of all you'll have fun. This community spirit extends to car sharing, charity challenges and lots of friendships made.

We carry extra kit to keep you safe and comfortable

The kit list we provide you with has been developed through experience (usually by not having something we should have had and REALLY NEEDED on our own fledgling walks). It's important for you to have everything we advise (head torch!) but each team member has invested in extra kit such as group shelters, comprehensive first aid kits (of course) and emergency provisions.

Insurance - boring but vital!

We're all insured to work for Yorkie Talkies Outdoors. What we can and can't do as a group have been scrunitised so that you are always being led by a team member with the required experience. This is why we don't walk in the mountains in snow and will divert a route away from a stream in spate.

We welcome dogs

There aren't many outdoor activity providers out there who allow dogs to come along. Much of our route finding involves thinking about how appropriate it will be for you and your pooches. This is a pleasure, as we enjoy the company of a well-behaved dog, but it does impact on decisions made both before and after the walk. Ultimately, we know where we are allowed to walk with dogs and know what to do if there are issues, and this takes experience.

We're not just weekend walkers!

Fantastic Fridays and evening walks are some of our most popular events. A long walk in the hills is the perfect way to spend your weekend, but it doesn't suit everyone. If you adore the thought of chilling out in hiking boots for a few hours after work, or enjoying the quiet of the countryside on a weekday, we're the place for you!

Points of interest on your walks - teaching moments!!

Walking in stunning landscapes is more than enough to bring joy. However, at Yorkie Talkies we love to bring a little extra knowledge along. Investment in furthering our understanding of what you might see on your day out with us is important to the whole team. From the names of pretty plants and how that dramatic valley took shape, to the story of the historic buildings we pass and the chances of seeing wildlife on a particular stretch of river.

Route planning - you won't need a map or app when you walk with us!

Even if you're a confident hill walker who knows their way around a map, a day out without worrying about where you are or how to get back to the start is immensely relaxing. Route planning and walk recces take time. It's not a complaint, as it's a lovely thing to do...but you'll never go on a Yorkie Talkies walk that hasn't been tested.

Views for days

We know where the best views are and we want our members to experience them. One of the great pleasures of a wander in the countryside is taking the time to appreciate the beauty around us. We are proud that our guided walks are paced so that no-one misses out on enjoying a gorgeous view for the sake of getting back to the car quickly.

Admin and pre-walk updates - 'the hardest part of any walk is knowing where to start' and other stories

Always check your emails, messages and posts on your event feed prior to a walk. Keeping our customers informed on the best place to park, how much it will cost and the Google/Apple map links is a big part of our recce process. It's the same for the weather. We'll keep you informed so you know if you'll need the waterproofs you always pack! You can view event posts the day before an event either via Facebook Event (Closed Group click here to join) or via the app on spaces

We're ninjas when a route change is needed!

Yes, we plan our routes in advance and will have walked them before your day out. HOWEVER sometimes things change. It could be a farmer who has moved his cows into the field we're about to trek through, the threat of a blast of serious rain when we're about to hit an exposed path, a route that has been closed for tree felling or a stream that is suddenly running high and fast. Our skills and experience mean that a walk route can be changed to suit the new circumstances. Yes, it may mean an extra mile might need to be walked, or your boots might get extra muddy but that's all part of the fun of keeping you safe!

Years of walking and outdoors experience in all terrains, weathers and challenging circumstances

Yorkie Talkies walks are led by people who have a wealth of outdoor experience. A career in life-guarding, experiencing high-altitude trekking in the Himalaya, kayaking qualifications, learning how to teach navigation and pushing our own boundaries to help you push yours. Specific training is so important, but time spent at 'fun' and work also allows us to offer the fantastic service we think we do.

Local walks - enjoying your walking hobby without needing lots of time and money

Providing local guided walks is an important part of the Yorkie Talkies ethos. We want the outdoors to be accessible to everyone and that means not expecting you to travel for hours and spend lots of money on petrol. (It's good for your carbon footprint too!)

So, there it is! We hope you agree that there's a huge amount of value in the cost of your guided walks with us. We are thrilled we get to do this amazing job of ours and hope to see you on a hike very soon.

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