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Yes. We are a dog friendly! BUT there are rules!

Updated: Jan 8

🧡We’re dog friendly🧡

Yes, you can bring your dog…we LOVE dogs! We have lots of gorgeous canine friends who we’re always delighted to see….I think all YTO leaders have their own favourites, but we’d never say who 😍

HOWEVER! Your dog. Your responsibility! There are rules that must be followed in order to preserve the sanity of you, the walk leader and the rest of the group.

*Your pooch must be friendly towards people and other dogs.

*But they can’t be over friendly either…my youngest dog is not suited to YTO as he’ll jump up with delight and skittle you, then when you’re on the floor, he’ll stick his tongue in your ear, try and eat your hair and possibly wee on you cause he loves you so much!

*It’s important to remember that not everyone likes dogs….no, not even your little darling.

*Please be aware that even the most polite of dogs can’t be trusted around food (me either to be fair), so please have them on lead when we’re having a snack or lunch break.

*Your dog MUST be on a lead THROUGHOUT the guided walk....even if they’ve been brought up on a farm and couldn’t give a flying fig about stupid, boring sheep and have excellent recall.

*Keep in mind that your dog may behave differently when they are new to group walks….excitement and pack behaviour can send even the calmest of dogs a bit loopy! (We find they do soon chill out)

*There will be MANY stiles, some without dog gates…however, there’s always more than a few people eager to help you get the little (or large!) pooch over the obstacle.

*Bring poo bags….leave no trace applies to doggos too, even if the path/track is remote!

*Routes are often on rough terrain…if your furry beloved doesn’t like walking in mud, heather, rocky paths or long grass…hiking may not be for them.

So, while the rules may seem strict, they mean that well behaved dogs can happily join in without doing everyone’s heads in!

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