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The best waterproof trousers for hiking

Updated: Nov 1, 2023

Waterproof trousers are most people's least favourite pieces of kit. They make an annoying noise as you walk, make you sweat, are a faff to get on and off and are often downright uncomfortable. However, when it's raining, windy and cold, they could save your life!

Prolonged intense cold is terrible for your health. Usually, when you're freezing, soggy and miserable, you'll start returning to the car if you're sensible. But what if you're high on a mountain and lost? Or you've twisted your ankle, and progress is painfully slow? In these circumstances, keeping yourself as warm as possible is vital.

On a regular everyday hike, having a reliable pair of waterproofs in your bag means you can continue on your intended route while staying warm and dry.

Overtrousers protect you from rain, wind and cold. They are a multi-tasking marvel. Just ensure you invest in a pair you don't hate wearing. Check out the waterproof trousers the YTO leaders recommend.

Montane Dynamo Waterproof Trousers

Price on writing: £90 | Buy now from Montane

Montane Dynamo Waterproof Trousers are the rain wear choice of YTO leader, Gemma.

"They are a good generous fit (buy your existing size) that sit comfortably over base layers. I love that they don't make as much of a rustling noise as other over trousers I've owned. I've been wearing these for a year and, even in heavy rain and wind, my legs have remained dry. Also, the long zips at the bottom make taking them on and off a cinch. "

Berghaus Women's Deluge Waterproof Trousers

Price on writing: £54 | Buy now from Amazon

YTO founder Emma recommends Berghaus Deluge Waterproof Trousers.

"I've had these brilliant over trousers for my entire walking career. They go easily go over my boots which means I can get them on and off in 30 seconds. They are also super warm, windproof and always keep me dry. In addition, they pack up small, so they don't take up much room in my bag."

Berghaus Paclite Gore-Tex Waterproof Trousers

Price on writing: £89 | Buy now from Amazon

Yorkie Talkies Outdoors leader Kerry, recommends Berghaus Paclite Gortex Over Trousers.

"My favourite feature of these excellent trousers is the full length zips. They slip on in moments and I love that the insides of the trousers don't get muddied by my walking boots. I also like how breathable they are. I've had these trousers for years and they have never let me down."

Karrimor Orkney Waterproof Trousers

Price on writing: £32.99 | Buy now from Field and Trek

YTO leader Abi wears Karrimor Waterproof Trousers, she is petite, so children's sizes suit her better but she still rates this budget brand.

"With waterproof trousers fit is important. If they dangle into puddles and boggy patches, the moisture will travel up the leg, wet your socks and then your boots. My Karrimor over trousers are reliable, despite their bargain price and they fold up into a compact package, perfect for tucking into the bottom of a my rucksack."

NB All of these waterproof trousers have a men's version that will perform just as well as the women's ones we have tried and tested.

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