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Protecting the countryside you’re hiking through 🚮

The moors, mountains and dales we walk through need protecting. These are beautiful, dramatic and fragile places and on Earth Day 2023 we wanted to share the Yorkie Talkies Outdoors tips for being a responsible hiker.

⛰️Leave No Trace - rubbish, pet waste and toilet tissue should all be taken home for disposal or places in bins that aren't already overflowing. Always take a carrier bag and poo bags with you on a hike.

🌳Leave It Better Than You Found It - if you find rubbish left by someone less conscientious than you, take it home. Again, bringing a carrier bag and sanitising gel will make this easier. You're right! It shouldn't have been left in the first place, but being a good citizen of the countryside sometimes means tidying up after others.

⛰️Wild wees (and poos!) should happen well away from water sources. Tissue should be carried home in a poo bag and poops buried.

🌳Try and stick to the path, resist the urge to take short cuts. This will prevent soil erosion, the destruction of flora and fauna and damage to wildlife habitats.

⛰️Keep dogs on a close lead around livestock, nesting birds and other wildlife.

🌳Gates - leave them as you found them, this is usually closed but occasionally a farmer will leave one propped open.

⛰️Don't remove plants or rocks as mementos. If everyone does it, the ecosystem may be harmed.

🌳Where possible, car share and park appropriately. Don't block narrow roads or damage grass verges.

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