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New Year Goals - what are yours?!

2023 is approaching fast, and you might be thinking about what you want to achieve. With the right mindset, New Year can be empowering and exciting.

I HATE the idea of strict diets, crazy exercise regimes and generally being mean to yourself. There's nothing wrong with planning on eating extra veggies and moving your body more....but take it steady, so your 'health kick' is sustainable!

So, if you're craving a 'New Year, New Me' vibe....STOP eating ALL the food so it's gone before January 1st! Instead, sit down and think about what will make you happier in 2023.

🧡Feeling fitter

🧡Enjoying nature

🧡Making friends

🧡Climbing a mountain

🧡Exercising regularly

🧡Completing an epic challenge

🧡Learning a new skill

Yorkie Talkies Outdoors can help you with all of the above. From Navigation Skills courses and Yorkshire 3 Peaks Challenges to regular post work evening walks and weekends away to the big hills of the UK.

We have paddle-boarding adventures newly available in 2023 too....I'm not great on and in the water, so taking part in one of these, with the guidance of Lewis and Emma, is one of my missions for the year.

Take this blog

as a your first walk, your first 10+ mile hike, your first mountain or your first challenge event....and make next year your most exciting yet!

The team are here to support you with your goals and you'll be encouraged and inspired by our amazing community too.

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