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Nervous about joining us for your first walk? Read on! 🧡

If you're about to do something new, nerves are natural, but don't let them from stop you from (literally!) taking that first step.

To help ease your nerves, we want to take a moment to address the reasons why most new customers tell us they hesitated to book their first walk.

🧡I'm too slow, I'll hold everyone else up.

We have members at all fitness levels and we have walks to suit everyone. Our leaders and customers are supportive and no-one will make you feel 'slow'.

🧡I'm not sure which walk will suit me. Check the mileage 6, 7 or 8-mile walks are good starting points if you haven't done much walking.

Don't worry, the team won't let you book something ultra challenging without checking you have experience and will then suggest something more suitable.

If I'm doubt, give us a shout and we can help you to choose.

🧡Do I have the right kit?! Our mandatory kit list is designed to keep you and the rest of the group safe and comfortable. However, all the leaders have spare kit, so if you need to borrow anything, let us know. We're also happy to advise on what to buy.

🧡I don't know anyone! The majority of our customers came to their first walk on their own. And each and every one would say the group was friendly, happy to help and made them feel welcome. Many strong friendships have been built at Yorkie Talkies.

🧡What if I'm not a confident, chatty person? That's ok! If you want to walk with us, but are happiest when quietly appreciating nature or being with your own thoughts, you'll still be welcomed.

🧡Are dogs welcome? Yes! Well behaved dogs are a joy to have along. They just need to follow a few simple rules.

So, if you're tempted to join us on a walk in the near future, just try us out. If we're not for you, at least you've tried! (But we're confident you'll love it!)

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