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Hydration for a long walk or challenge event

Drinking enough water is vital for a healthy mind and body.

NHS guidance suggests drinking around six glasses of fluid every day to prevent dehydration.

However, when it’s hot and/or you are exercising, an increased water intake is required.

To maintain a healthy core temperature, our bodies sweat, and we need to replace those fluids.

Before your walk/event

Make sure you’re hydrated in the days before, don’t chug, just drink your optimum 6-8 glasses.

On the morning of your event, drink around 500ml of water before you set off. Have a big glass first thing and then take a bottle to sip o the journey.

If you can, don’t have your morning coffee, it’s a diuretic. But, we know this isn’t an option for some!

On your walk

You should aim to drink every 20 minutes, if plain water isn’t your thing, squash is good for adding flavour.

If you’re planning a long walk or challenge event or hot weather is forecast, re-hydration salts are a good way to maintain your body’s balance. (But try them out before your event to make sure they suit your body)

Salty snacks are helpful too. And don’t we all love crisps!

Be bothered! Even if you’re not a particularly thirsty person (I can easily ‘forget’ to drink enough) have lots of drinks throughout your walk.

*Use a water bladder, the tube makes it easy to drink without needing to stop.

*Keep your water bottles in your rucksack side pockets, so you or a friend can grab them easily.

*Buddy up….be each others water monitors.

DO NOT let worrying about where you’ll use the loo stop you from drinking enough. It’s dangerous! Embrace the wild wee! At YTO we can advise on how to make the process stress and fuss free.

After your walk

Drink a couple of glasses of water, avoid alcohol and be gentle with your body. If you’ve sweated lots, eat a meal with some salt.

Dehydration symptoms

*Feeling thirsty

*Dark wee (it should be the colour of champagne)

*Feeling light headed, fuzzy or dizzy


*Dry mouth, lips or eyes

*Not weeing - less than 4 times a day

Look after yourself and your friends, if you have any of these symptoms, or notice them in someone else, speak up!

Walking in the glorious sunshine is a wonderful thing! Testing our bodies is hugely satisfying, just make sure you’re bothered enough to keep yourself safe and comfortable.

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