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Stop and Be Bothered

Why is it so important to ‘Be Bothered’ when taking part in outdoor activities such as guided walks and paddle boarding?

From the beginning to the end of a journey in the great outdoors, it’s vital that you look after yourself by ‘being bothered’.

This is especially important on longer walks and when in the hills and mountains, as they are often significantly cooler than the valleys. In addition, wind speeds will be higher and rain will feel heavier.

So, what does being bothered look like?

  • Put on that extra layer if you feel cool. Don’t make your body use precious energy on keeping you warm.

  • If your hands are feeling chilly, don’t wait till your hands no longer work, put your gloves on now

  • If you could do with a snack or drink. Find a convenient place and fuel up. Even if you’re not hungry, always remember that on bigger days, you are fueling for how you’ll feel in an hour or two. Always keep your energy levels topped up.

  • Feel a blister coming on? Find somewhere to sit and pop a blister plaster. Don’t wait till you are in pain.

  • If you need a wee and see a good spot, use it! Don’t wait, there might not be anywhere else you feel comfortable for a few miles. Make it quicker and easier by always having a small stuff sack to hand that contains tissues, bags to carry out the tissue and a small bottle of hand sanitiser.

  • It’s raining and your legs are getting wet - DO NOT WAIT to put your waterproof over trousers on. They will keep you drier and warmer in rain and/or wind. Leggings and walking trousers won’t do this, even if they claim to be waterproof, shower proof or quick drying.

  • A Waterproof jacket not only helps you stay dry but they are also great wind proofs so adding a waterproof coat over a warm jacket really does help you keep the heat in

Always remember the key words:


Taking a few moments to take care of yourself keeps you safe and means you’ll enjoy your day much more.

At Yorkie Talkies Outdoors we have a mandatory kit list which must be carried on all events. We will do kit checks on the following events:

- All sunrise, sunset and nighttime events

The YTO team kit check to keep you safe on the hill and help you to enjoy your day. It might not feel relevant on a sunny day but the weather can change suddenly and, in an emergency we may have to stay in place as it gets cold and dark.

It’s always OK, till it’s not OK. I cannot stress this enough, you need to be able to stay warm on a hill if something happens to yourself or someone else.

Having the right kit means you are covered for all eventualities and you’ll BE SAFE” when outdoors.

Head torches are needed on ALL events. ‘BE BOTHERED” to check the battery, to charge it and to carry it. If the day doesn't always go plan, this can mean we come back slightly later and loose some day light. If you have your head torch, you have good means of seeing in the dark. Your phone torch won’t work for long, even if it is fully charged.

As soon as you can, take 5 minutes to empty your rucksack and double check all your kit.

The message I would like you all to take away from this is simply “BE BOTHERED” Put those water proof over trousers on before you’re soaking and put that warm hat on before you have now lost loads of body heat.

Emma Shipley

YTO Owner/Founder

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