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Join a welcoming and inclusive walking community

We know, from chats with prospective members of Yorkie Talkies, that coming along to your first group hike can be daunting. Your age, fitness, not having sophisticated kit and shyness can all be perceived barriers to putting on your boots and taking that first step.

What the Yorkie Talkies team and our lovely members want you to know is our group really is suitable for all. We promise!

If you're new to hiking and building up your fitness, drop us a message and we'll recommend the best starter walks. But that said, the vast majority of our walks have people of all levels of ability and experience enjoying each other's company in stunning landscapes.

We are also proud that our membership spans all ages and how old you are isn't really an issue! The people you'll chat to on your walk might be in their early 20's or 70's, that's the beauty of this wonderful group of ours.

A lack of confidence in a group setting shouldn't put you off joining either. We're not expecting you to bring the banter and entertain the group on your first walk, or ever. We understand that some people are naturally quiet, some are loud and gregarious and others are one or the other depending on the day. Whoever you are, there's a place for you amongst our kind, understanding and respectful community.

If you're someone who has been pondering about booking your first walk for a while, see this as as a sign! It's spring and this is a beautiful time to explore the great outdoors. We can't wait to meet you.

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