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I HATE walking groups.... but Yorkie Talkies is different by Emily Bennett

A letter to New Members

I guess it’s time to put pen to paper to write a review. Normally I would have written before now; my friends and family know I have a habit of documenting events. For some reason I haven’t for the Yorkie Talkies until now. This I suspect is for various reasons and not a reflection of the group. I can reassure you that it is not a lack of inspiration.

I can remember my first walk with them. It was a few years ago. Simons Seat from Bolton Abbey. I hear multiple sighs… Fear not! This is not a blow-by-blow account of every walk. I simply would not have the time. A friend of mine who knew I hated walking groups, invited me to join her on the before mentioned walk. This was mainly due to her feeling a little nervous about attending on her own. So, I made her agree to an escape plan just in case it was awful. It wasn’t…

First impressions were good. Emma and her team are excellent at finding free parking. Please don’t think this is always possible. But when it is you will be informed in the walk description.

Fast forward to 2022 and skimming over many walks and adventure days I am still a member and didn’t bolt on the first day. The Yorkie Talkies group has grown. Now maybe this is why I haven’t really written an in-depth review. For utterly selfish reasons… I don’t want to share the group!

Emma has built strong connections with highly skilled teams in the Lake District, so is in a fabulous position to offer adventure days. As well as developing her own skills and that of the team. They have also been expanding their knowledge of flora and fauna found in the areas we walk. Just ask about Tormentil, a rather dainty yellow flower, of which the roots have healing and other medicinal properties. Every walk is an education.

I still hate walking groups. However! I don’t class Yorkie Talkies as a walking group, it is more a

community of like-minded people. Who are warm, welcoming and inclusive. I highly recommend… I really mean that.

All the walk leaders: - Emma, Lewis, Gemma, Kerry and Abi.

All hold their own qualities and no matter who is leading your walk I can reassure you that you will be in the safest of hands. No one is left behind! The leaders ensure the group, regroups regularly so us not so quick walkers can catch up. Oh, and the obligatory banter is always present. And there is always time to peal an orange…

I have to say they offer so much more then walks. And there is a variety of these on offer from; -

evening walks through bluebell woodlands or rolling hills which run through the spring and summer. Too longer challenge walks such as the WharfeDale Three Peaks or the classic Yorkshire Three Peaks. Whatever your goals or free time I bet you can find a walk that will fit with your needs. As well as all that they offer adventure days. But I’m not going to tell you about those. You will just have to discover these for yourself. If you have always wondered what it’s like to tackle a mountain or white-water raft down the river Eden this is the group for you.

Oh..! There is a part of me that does NOT want to share this…

Best Wishes and see you soon-ish

Emily Bennett x

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Lisa Niven
Lisa Niven
May 19, 2022

"...always time to peel an orange." LOVE IT!!! 😂😍 See you soon, Emily!

Emma Shipley
Emma Shipley
May 19, 2022
Replying to

The orange peel has never left 🤣🤣

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