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How to read a compass

Keen to get out and explore? But you’re afraid of getting lost? Wondering what tools and skills you can learn to keep yourself, and those with you, safe?

If this is you, you’re going to be fantastic hiker…you’re aware of the risks and want to ensure you’re capable enough to have fun in our glorious countryside without putting yourself in danger.

Once you understand how to read a map, one of the key skills when out and about in the hills is knowing how to read a compass.

It may seem like an unknown and scary science, or some kind of magical voodoo.

But, once you get your head around it and have learnt the ‘steps’ it will soon become remarkably simple!

First, you’ll need to buy a compass. The YTO team recommend the Silva Expedition 4 It’s the one we all used to train, consolidate and assess for our MTA qualifications.

Then it’s time to learn how to use a compass. We think the Ordnance Survey Begiminer’s Guide to Using a Compass is excellent. Goretex also have a great ‘how-to’.

If you’d like to know more, YTO offer Hill Skills & Navigation Courses. Drop us an email for the next date and location.

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