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Yorkie Talkies Outdoors Adventure Days in collaboration with Lakeland Mountain Guides

Updated: Apr 1, 2022

Ghyll scrambling. Canyoning. Rock Climbing. Abseiling. Challenge your limits with Yorkie Talkies Outdoors and Lakeland Mountain Guides.

All instruction, support and kit included. Just bring hydration, snacks, warm layers and a extra set of clothes.

Yorkie Talkies Lake District Adventure Day on the 10th April. We'll be based in and around Stickle Ghyll, a mountain stream in stunning Langdale. We'll enjoy two hours of rock climbing with a rope and harness, tackle an abseil off the crag and then, after lunch, plunge into the water to scramble up the ghyll with lots of jumping, obstacle negotiation and waterfalls.

10th April

Yorkie Talkies Lake District Adventure Day on the 15th May and the 21st August We'll be exploring Church Beck above the village of Coniston. It is one of the best ghyll scrambles in the Lake District with lots of obstacles, plunge pools, waterfalls and, if you're feeling good, an exhilarating rock slide. We'll then challenge ourselves to some BIG abseils. It's going to be an epic day!

15th May

21st August

Yorkie Talkies Lake District Adventure Day on the 26th June and 17th September We'll begin with an hour of hiking from Hardknott Pass (the Eskdale side) along the valley floor with giants Scafell and Bowfell towering above us. Esk Gorge is in a beautiful remote environment and scrambling through and making BIG jumps into it's dramatic waters will be a day you'll never forget.

26th June

17th September

Yorkie Talkies Lake District Adventure Day on the 23rd July Stoneycroft ghyll is just 15 minutes from the bustling little town of Keswick (so make a weekend of it!). In this gorgeous part of the Lakes, we will experience an exciting two hours of rock climbing before preparing to journey downhill through the white water. There are lots of interesting natural features to scramble around, plunge pools to leap into and huge rocks to slide down.

23rd July

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