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Yorkie Talkies Outdoors - a mission statement 🧡

Yorkie Talkies Walking Group has a fantastic history and we are super proud of the supportive, fun and welcoming community that has been created.

However, the business is in transition, and you will notice our new emphasis on being known as Yorkie Talkies Outdoors.

Our mission has always been to introduce the beauty and excitement of the great outdoors to as many people as we can reach. This hasn't changed, affordable day walks, evening hikes and challenge events are still very much at the front and centre of our business model.

For those of you who have walked with us for years, a few months or have yet to book your first walk, nothing will change. Keep wearing you're existing merchandise too, it looks ace and we don't want to forget our roots.

So, what changes will there be?

You will see Yorkie Talkies Outdoors getting increasingly involved in corporate and charity events. So, if your work place is thinking of a team building day, or you want to organise a charity challenge, think of us.

In addition, our popular weekends away offering is being extended and we have already introduced five day walking tours for 2024 (check them out!) To utilise the teams existing and developing skills, we have also added paddle boarding days to our exciting list of events.

So, the original, inclusive ethos of Yorkie Talkies will remain as we continue to grow. Our strength is our people....our team and our amazing customers. We can't wait to bring you all along on this fantastic ride into our future as the UK's leading outdoor activities company.

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