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Tips & Advice For New Hikers & Paddle Boarders

Updated: Jul 9

New to our guided walks in North Yorkshire and beyond? Looking for advice on paddle boarding in York? Planning on trying a YTO event but would like hiking tips?

Look no further! Our fab clients are happy to help. In this blog they share their kit advice, mindset tips and favourite routes.

“For paddle boarders, it’s ok to fall off!”


“Gunnerside! Just join a walk in Gunnerside. Steeped in history and stunning.”


“*Hiking kit: a bag with hip belt pockets for easy access to snacks/quick pair of gloves.

*Hiking mindset: everyone has their ups/downs in any given walk. Embrace it. Take a breath, then take a step. If that doesn't help, tell someone. We got you. 👍

*Hiking must-dos: Gunnerside Gill, Helvellyn, Ullswater Way, any "residential" (i.e. trip)”


“Start with the shorter walks and build up to the epic mountain walks when you know you’re fit enough.”


“1)Eat sweets

2)Have long legs

3)Be open to very strange conversations

4)Never be afraid to just give it a go

5)Wear sunscreen”


“Just book your first walk/event and car share if you are feeling nervous - it helps such a lot.👍

Read the event description - it gives details about distance and ascent ⛰️

Don’t be afraid to ask questions.

If you are unsure of your fitness start with shorter walks and work your way up.

Must dos:

•Simon’s Seat

•A night walk


•An edge

Most importantly remember you will be with like minded people so enjoy every minute.🙌🙌”


“Eat before you're hungry and drink before you're thirsty.  If you're feeling like the slowest/weakest, everyone in the group was once that person and will support you.” 👍


“Take the first step and book a walk. Don’t worry if you think you’ll be the slowest, everyone is together. You won’t regret it.”


“The anxiety of being part of a new group and new life challenge doesn't last long! Fantastic way to learn about yourself and rebuild yourself... step by step!”


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