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Staying safe in the sun

It's summer! Hurrah for an occasional glimpse of the big ball of joy!

Now, most of us love blue skies and warm weather when we're hiking. However, being in the sunshine all day can be dangerous if you're not prepared.

So, here are the YTO tips for staying safe when hiking on a hot day.

*Hydrate. Hydrate. Hydrate! Make sure you've glugged lots of water before you set off on your walk and bring plenty of water with you.

*Wear a hat. Protecting your head from the sun will help prevent heat exhaustion and sunstroke.

*Bring your sunglasses. Look after your eyes, prevent head aches and feel more comfortable as you hike. Squinting all day is rubbish!

*Wear high factor sunscreen on exposed areas. Don't forget sensitive areas such as your nose, top of your ears and the back of your neck.

*If you start to feel weird or unwell, tell your leader or whoever you're walking with. Too much sun can be lethal, so don't be a 'hero', the hills will be waiting for you when you're well and mountain fit again.

*Take it steady! A hot day is not the time to break land speed records, climb too high or test your endurance, especially if you're new to walking.

*A cold dip can do more harm than good. Cold water shock is serious, especially if you leap in. The threat is higher when the body is overheated already. Immerse yourself slowly or paddle.

*Cold water on the wrists

helps to cool the body quickly. Weird but true!

*Eat ice cream! It's scientifically proven to make you smile!

*A cold pint is tempting after a long day on the hill. But you'll feel hideous after if you're already dehydrated. Alternate your beer or cider with glasses of water or pop.

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