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YTO Nature Watch - Wild Garlic

YTO Nature Watch - Wild Garlic

Wild garlic, at this time of year, you'll smell it's pungent aroma before you see the lush green leaves and delicate star-shaped white flowers.

It is also known as 'Bear's Garlic', 'Cow Leek' or 'Wood Garlic'. This hardy perennial is a relative of chives and it grows in damp woodlands and marshland (fens).

Lovely Libby P was collecting wild garlic on our walk to Cowhouse Bank Woods last week. (She's very good at knowing what is and isn't safe to eat or turn into yummy gin!) Here's what she had planned for her harvest:

"I am making a jar of pesto, and then I will chop up the leftovers finely and put them in icecube trays, I'll top it up with olive oil and freeze. You can drop the cubes into a pan when you start cooking for garlicky oil all year round!'

More tips on what to do with the wild garlic you've foraged from BBC Good Food.

*Please don't randomly pick flowers or plants and start munching! Make sure you're foraging edibles.

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